Nick Sills - Founder

Nick Sills

The company was founded by Nick Sills to pull together the expertise to develop and manufacture a contra rotating propulsion system for light aircraft.  


Nick has been developing and commercialising underwater propulsion systems in the offshore oil and gas industry for more than 30 years ranging from a hydraulically powered 100 hp contra rotating hydrodynamic excavator  for pipeline route preparation and trenching, to the world’s biggest deep water mass excavator at 10,000hp. Uniquely, this “Jet Prop” tool is deployed on drill string and its 5m diameter propeller powered by high pressure seawater jets. Its development gained him a deep understanding of propeller physics and a Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement.

250,000 Jet-Prop Propeller

Nick Sills

250,000 Jet-Prop Deployed from Drill Rig

250,000 Jet-Prop Deployed from DrIll Rig

Research to develop a self-contained battery powered excavator for remotely operated subsea vehicles lead inevitable to the discovery that the new electric motor technology becoming available was also suitable for building a contra rotating propulsion system for light aircraft. As a keen aerobatic pilot and one of only three people qualified to fly Deepflight’s Super Falcon submarines through full “hydrodynamic manoeuvres” (underwater aerobatics) he immediately spotted the huge potential benefits that torque free contra rotating propulsion could offer aircraft designers and operators.

His ambition is to fly the world’s first 300 hp electric FURIO before the end of 2018.


The company is actively seeking investment and support to take the experimental prototype CRPS 225 through the commercial development cycle, including certification and into production.

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